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Seri Songket

Seri Songket

The Seri Songket Collection reflects the splendour of tradition and refinement. The collection comprises the finest ingredients: exquisite teas delicately ‘woven’ into flavoured tea blends with exotic spices and fruits. Our Seri Songket teas are as exquisite and exotic as the precious Malaysian handcrafted fabric after which they has been named.

Seri Songket Gift Pack

Exquisite teas with an exotic twist make a great gift and are a wonderful way to savour a variety of flavours at any time.


An irresistible blend due to the rich and sweetly aromatic flavour from the pod of the vanilla orchid.

Earl Grey with Tangerine

A celebrated classic blend that infuses the tangy fresh taste of Tangerine to create a tea so sophisticated and crisp.

Lemon with Mandarin

A zesty burst of flavours, this lemon and mandarin-infused tea will awaken your taste buds.

10 Tidbits About Tea

The wonderful world of tea is steeped with tradition and culture. There are so many historical facts and amusing tales, leaving us so much to learn for our own benefit.

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